DYW Leadership

The IIDI Solution:
Organizational Problem Solving Through Structured Dreamwork

The International Institute for Dreaming and Imagery ® (IIDI) specializes in facilitating intuition-driven growth for both individuals and organizations.

Under the supervision of founder Dr. Bonnie Buckner, IIDI’s Dream Your World (DYW) Leadership program provides tailored leadership and creativity coaching and training for clients from large corporate environments, small nonprofits, NGOs, and innovative startups. 

This work includes providing programming and facilitating classes for the George Washington University Center for Excellence in Public Leadership’s eCo Leadership Coaching Certification Program where Dr. Buckner serves as Co-Faculty Director and Senior Fellow, and co-hosts the One Humanity Lab podcast on whole-person leadership.

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DYW Leadership offers


Customized Leadership Development Programs

DYW Leadership curates leadership development packages for your company or organization's specific needs.

1:1 Leadership Coaching

Discover who you are at your core, what's blocking you, and how to unblock to reach your potential.

Individual Classes

Develop your leadership skills at your own pace through IIDI's intuition-driven and solution-focused classes.

Are you Just Surviving or Truly Thriving?

Our unique, grounded approach to working with dreams builds leadership development skills and facilitates intuition-driven growth for both individuals and organizations.   

Transform Yourself into an Effective Leader

At IIDI we work with dreams in specific ways that reveal inner blocks, conflicts, and the response that will resolve them. We teach how to take these tools and apply them to waking life so that you become responsive, present, and access your full capacities in your every day.

Tap into Your Source for Creativity and Manifestation

Dreaming is the language of creativity and Big Ideas, engaging our neurobiological creative processes. IIDI teaches you how to engage the creative process and move through each aspect of it using specific tools so that you discover a fluid and effective engagement with your creative work.

Learn Social Cognition for Team Success

Dreamwork engages our neurological processing centers for social meaning-making, action-consequences, and perspectives of how others feel. The DYW Leadership's structured dreamwork and Life Plan class returns you to an embodied, inner dialogue where you can identify and shift energy-depleting emotions like fear and anger, develop greater social cognition, and cultivate a deeper sense of presence.

Learn to Identify and Solve Problems at their Origin

IIDI's grounded, structured approach to dreaming teaches you to identify the necessity underlying a presenting problem, and discern its context within the larger system. Using specific perspective-taking steps and engaging the creative process takes you beyond lateral change and into systems-wide transformation.

Recognize Patterns and Get Ahead of Trends

IIDI's iterative steps for working with dreams include noticing, describing, and pattern recognition. These steps are a structured approach for stepping beyond perceptual biases to gain larger perspectives and context.

Find Meaning in your Work

True leaders are fueled by a vision for, and a desire to, contribute to the world. Dreaming puts us in contact with the deeper reasons for why we do what we do. When leaders lose their way, or forget the big picture, dreams bring us back. Through IIDI’s dreamwork you explore the underlying values and meaning behind your efforts, and return to a sense of vibrancy and purpose.

Dream Your World Leadership

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