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DYW Artist Lab:
Embodied dreaming and imagery techniques applied to the creative process

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The International Institute for Dreaming and Imagery® has a long history of working with creative professionals from performing arts organizations and foundations, to university programs, to project-based groups and individual creatives.
We apply IIDI’s embodied dreaming and imagery work to the creative process to overcome blocks, access ideas, expand perspectives, and move fluidly through projects from idea to manifestation. Our work returns you to an embodied, sense-based practice, helping you move from theory to your own unique, subjective contribution, deepening your work with greater personal meaning.
Designed to support you, the DYW Artist Lab offerings can be engaged at any stage of the creative or project process, with program offerings repeated as projects progress.

Top image of Katarzyna Sitarz by Michał Wojtarowicz during OKNO-CLOSE ENCOUNTERS 2021 Project at Paprotno Palace, Poland.

Bottom image is sculpture „Alteration“ by Sabine A. Fischer, in exhibition „Connective Tissue“ 2021, Gallery of the Artist Association Reykjavík. Photo by artist.

DYW Artist Lab offers



DYW Artist Lab offers a menu of classes that can be taken at any stage of the artistic process; choose what best fits you and your work.
Personal transformation


Explore various creative topics or curate one for your group or organization through our experiential workshops.

Individual Mentoring

Discover who you are as an artist and reach your artistic potential while being mentored through your project.

IIDI’s DYW Artist Lab is part of our commitment to finding creative solutions to social and global challenges through the communal dreaming of artistic works.

Enhanced Creativity

Dreaming is the language of creativity and idea generation, engaging our neurobiological creative processes. At IIDI you learn how to access this wellspring, and understand the creative process. We teach you specific tools so that you move fluidly through each aspect of creative work to effectively bring your ideas to fruition.

Problem Identifying and Problem Solving

IIDI's grounded, structured approach to dreaming teaches you to identify problems and find the underlying necessity, discerning its context within the larger system. Using specific perspective-taking steps you move through the problem-solving process while maintaining your connection to the creative flow of ideas.

Making Projects Tangible

Through dreaming and imagery we help you identify where you limit your creative expression and block your ability to manifest. These same methods provide the means for transforming these blocks so that you return to a fluid and effective engagement with your creative work.

Embodiment & Emotional Strengths

Through all of our experiential work at IIDI you learn how to develop your senses and to be conscious to your bodily responses to experience. Not only does this increase your intuition, here you can identify and shift energy-depleting emotions like fear and anger, to return to a responsive, creative state of being.

Deepen the Meaning of Your Work

Dreams return you to your inner dialogue. In this inner space you engage with your true questions, and find what you really want to say to the world, and how to best express it. This work of self-becoming, and artistic contribution, is facilitated by inquiry-based imagery exercises to focus questions and expand perspectives as they develop within you.

Dream Your World Artist Lab

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