DYW Kids®

DYW Kids® teaches young
dreamers how to work with
dreaming and the
spontaneous imagination as
a tool for creativity and

Through an interactive, experiential program, they tap into their inner capabilities and creativity to create change in themselves and the outer world in which they live. Discovering their innate, unique abilities develops the capacity to see this in others, fostering courage, openness, flexibility, compassion, intuition, and deep connection.

Elementary through High School, and online and in-person configurations are available. English, Polish, and German languages. To bring a program to your group of young dreamers, contact us.

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Dr. Anna Nowicka is a Berlin based choreographer working with dreams and embodied imagination. She aims at unfolding the body into a resourceful, alive, ever flowing entity, able to be responsive and present. Graduate of the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD), MA Choreography at the HfS Ernst-Busch / HZT in Berlin and MA Psychology at the Warsaw University, she wrote her practice-based PhD on embodied awareness as the foundation for being present at the Polish Film School in Łódź. She has completed a basic training in Systemic Therapy and is a certified Sapphire® teacher of dr. Catherine Shainberg’s “The School of Images”. Anna is a certified Practitioner in Dreaming and Imagery from the International Institute of Dreaming and Imagery® where she is the Director of the DYW Kids® program, and where she continues unfolding dreamwork through an intensive exchange with Dr. Bonnie Buckner.

DYW Kids® Director,
Dr. Anna Nowicka

Become a DYW Kids® mentor

Young dreamers need the support of the adult mentors in their lives. To become a DYW Kids® Mentor you receive training in the basic foundations of dreaming, and learn how to facilitate the transformation of nightmares or other blocks that show up in dreams using specific tools aimed at young dreamers. Along the way you will deepen your own relationship with dreaming.

Three classes:
Dream Group for Beginners
Advanced Dream Group
DYW Kids® Necessities Class

If you are interested in becoming a DYW Kids® Mentor for the young dreamers in your life, contact us.