Dreaming can help you

Dreaming is a universal language.  It is a practical, innate tool for inner development, creativity and problem solving, and for knowing who you are, what you want, and what you are capable of.  Everyone dreams, and everyone can learn how to engage with the innate transformative power of their dreams. 


Dreaming can help YOU:


Personal Transformation

Personal Transformation

Dreams show you where you are blocked, what you are capable of, and how to get over that block so you can live your fullest potential. 


What we live in the day we dream at night, and what we dream at night we live in the day: dreams are the mirrors to our waking experience.  Because of our busy days we miss a lot of self-information – how we feel about what is happening in our lives, what we understand about it, where our emotions have our energies tangled in reaction, and what we want and can do to change things.  Dreams return us to this inner dialogue where we can see expanded perspectives, re-discover our true desires and potentials, and shift energy-depleting emotions like fear and anger to return that energy back to us for more vibrant living.


At IIDI we work with dreams in specific ways that reveal patterns; conflicts and the response that will resolve them; the deeper meanings present in the situation; and, the greater possibilities waiting to be manifest in waking time.  We teach how to take these tools and apply it to waking life so that you become present and responsive in your every day, and craft the life of your choosing.

Career Direction

Career and Life Path Direction

How do you know what you want to do?  For many, the answer is sought on the outside, in the demands and perceived expectations of family, partners, and society.  Following an outside path leaves our inner self unsatisfied.  Returning to dream we find the seeds of our personal becoming, that inner blueprint that makes us a unique individual, with a unique path.  Having re-discovered this unique blueprint, dreams then help us to manifest it, step by step.


At IID we teach you how to use dreams to reconnect to this blueprint, and to know what decisions are right for you – both big-picture, and the daily stepping-stone decisions such as choosing between jobs, orienting a coaching practice, or selecting a university.

Fulfilling Relationships

Fulfilling Relationships

Emotions narrow our perspectives, often in ways we are not aware. Looking through this narrow perspective means that we miss critical information.  Dreaming reveals both the narrowed perspective and the missing information, as well as acting as a tool for transforming the emotion and returning to a wider perspective. 


Dreaming uses the same neurological system of processing that is responsible for understanding the perspectives of others and imagining scenarios and possibilities around emotional and social situations.  Specifically engaging this system strengthens it. 


At IIDI we teach specific tools for working with dreams to resolve conflicts and enhance the quality, ease, depth, and communication in your relationships. The more you work with dreams the more light you create inside you.  As that light increases, it shines out to touch others.  We help you grow that light.

Leadership Development

Leaders are tasked with being visionaries, communicating inspiring visions to others, building and managing teams that are motivated to manifest these visions, and overcoming challenges that get in the way.  Each of these is a job in itself; leaders have to do it all.  Dreaming is the key.


Dreaming is fundamentally practical. Dreams tell us where what we know and understand about what is happening in our lives, where we are blocked, and the latent talents and potentials we possess that are ready to come forward to help us over the blocks. As a leader, this is an imperative tool for self-development, helping you move past emotional tangles that restrict creative decision-making, and bring forward the best of what is possible for you. The practice of working with dreams develops further skills, such as recognizing patterns, identifying problems and solutions, and responsive decision-making. 


At the same time, dreaming is the place of big ideas. Since human history dreams have been the space where game-changing societal ideas are received, from political and judicial structures, to physical healing. More recently, dreams have birthed Google, the Twilight series, the Theory of Relativity, insulin as a cure for diabetes, and more. Dreaming, and the practice of working with dreams, engages our creative process, and sets a space for both receiving big ideas, and discerning what to do with them.


IIDI works with leaders from multiple sectors including government, tech, product- and service-based corporations, and for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. Our leadership-specific program, DYW Leadership, offers five core classes for building leadership skills. We also offer 1:1 work with leaders, and packages of both 1:1 and classes for organizations. IIDI provides programming and facilitates classes for the George Washington University Center for Excellence in Public Leadership’s eCo Leadership Coaching certification program.


Enhanced Creativity & Ability to Solve Problems

Dreaming is the place of big ideas.  Engaging with a focused dreaming practice puts us in the space of mystery – night after night we enter a new world, interact in an unfamiliar scenario, and explore new perspectives. Learning to interact with these images upon waking strengthens our creative capacities. 


Dreaming and creativity use the same neurological systems of processing.  Creativity is measured on multiple factors, which include original ideas, fluency (or number) of ideas, and the ability to stay open when contemplating a possibility without prematurely closing the creative process.  At the same time, creativity is defined by understanding the use of ideas.


At IIDI we teach how to engage and extend the creative process, as well as tools for understanding use of ideas, in addition to discerning their best fit.  Our dreamwork tools develop your ability to solve problems, through finding necessities, or imbalances, and understanding what needs to occur to return to balance.


Embodiment, Centeredness, and Health

Dreaming comes from the body – not the head.  Our bodies both interact with the world outside and simultaneously our body is its own inner world.  The interactions between the outside, and within our inner, form images and a verbal language that we see as dreams. 

We can think of ourselves as operating with four simultaneous ‘bodies’: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  An imbalance in any of these creates an imbalance in all of them.  Conversely, repairing one brings repair to all.

While sleeping and awake, dreams and images send us little messages – showing us imbalances in any of our four bodies, disturbances in our responses to the outer world, and patterns that might need healing, including those that show up as health issues.

At IIDI we teach you how to identify patterns – not symptoms – to understand and open blocks and restore the body to health on all four levels. Engaging these tools as a practice are a means for returning to a deeper place of embodiment, and a means for returning to center.  When we are in dialogue with our bodies through images and dreams we become active participants in our own healing. 

Deeper Connection

Deeper Spiritual Connection

There is more to life, and our own personal sense of self, than what we see.  Dreams bring us to our inner depths. 

At IIDI we help you to use your dreaming to connect more deeply to the magic of life’s mystery.  Our work is rooted in an ancient wisdom practice that sets a path for returning to a connection to Source.  Through the dreaming practices we teach, you will move ever deeper into experiences of wonder and awe, both in your dreaming and waking time, making life expansive, vibrant, and meaningful.