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Leaders are tasked with being visionaries, communicating inspiring visions to others, building and managing teams that are motivated to manifest these visions, and overcoming challenges that get in the way.  Each of these is a job in itself; leaders have to do it all.  Dreaming is the key.

Dreaming is fundamentally practical. Dreams tell us where what we know and understand about what is happening in our lives, where we are blocked, and the latent talents and potentials we possess that are ready to come forward to help us over the blocks. As a leader, this is an imperative tool for self-development, helping you move past emotional tangles that restrict creative decision-making, and bring forward the best of what is possible for you. The practice of working with dreams develops further skills, such as recognizing patterns, identifying problems and solutions, and responsive decision-making.

At the same time, dreaming is the place of big ideas. Since human history dreams have been the space where game-changing societal ideas are received, from political and judicial structures, to physical healing. More recently, dreams have birthed Google, the Twilight series, the Theory of Relativity, insulin as a cure for diabetes, and more. Dreaming, and the practice of working with dreams, engages our creative process, and sets a space for both receiving big ideas, and discerning what to do with them.

IIDI works with leaders from multiple sectors including government, tech, product- and service-based corporations, and for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. Our leadership-specific program, DYW Leadership, offers five core classes for building leadership skills. We also offer 1:1 work with leaders, and packages of both 1:1 and classes for organizations. IIDI provides programming and facilitates classes for the George Washington University Center for Excellence in Public Leadership’s eCo Leadership Coaching certification program.

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